CMS Innovations was established to create innovative commercial applications of physics, chemistry and related sciences, principally involving the application of Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy.

Flowing from research and development spanning over two decades and working with international partners, CMS has adapted established Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy science to identify fouling states  that affect the performance of reverse osmosis water treatment plants.

CMS also runs an active research and development programme to develop new applications for EIS and other related technologies.


CMS provides a proprietary data acquisition, analysis and reporting service to determine membrane fouling conditions and provide real-time actionable information to improve the economic performance of water treatment plants.

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Multi-Phase Flow Meters

CMS is conducting early stage research to develop a new generation of multi-phase flow meters. These seek to deliver cost-effective, robust, accurate, and easy-to-install in-line evaluation of the composition of a flowing multi-phase fluid. The initial focus is to develop products with applications in the oil and gas industry.

Piezo-Electric Membranes

Piezo-Electric Membranes are membranes whose cross-sectional dimensions change with the application of electrical current.

They use vibration of the membrane surface to prevent the accumulation of solutes and particles, which are prevented from binding to each other and the membrane surface, allowing cross-flow to remove the potential fouling agents.

Vibration is induced by applying a small AC signal to the piezo-electric membranes.
Piezo-electric membranes have application in the treatment of low salinity, high particulate content waste-water.

Papers relating to Piezo-Electric Anti-Fouling Membranes.