CMS eModules incorporate CMS sensors within the membrane element.

eModules are manufactured by leading membrane manufacturers.

Electronic Impedance Spectroscopy and conductivity sensors capture critical data adjacent to and through the membrane surface.

Additional in-situ sensors – such as pressure – can also be installed.

All electronics utilise wireless communication and induction power supply to fully preserve the pressure vessel’s integrity.

The optimal number of eModules within an individual pressure vessel, stage or train will vary based on plant conditions and the depth of data sought.

eModules are installed in existing pressure vessels in substitution of existing modules, with all other modules unchanged. No structural alterations to the plant are required.

eModule data is transmitted to CMS’s secure central database for detailed algorithmic analysis. Clients are provided with real-time access to processed data and reports.

CMS has 4-inch eModules available for evaluation and testing purposes. Because of size constraints, 4-inch eModules employ external electronics with cable connections through a modified end-plate.