In-Module Data Capture

CMS’s revolutionary approach to fouling detection employs spiral-wound membranes of almost any type modified with implanted sensors and transmission electronics.

CMS eModules have inbuilt Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy and in-flow channel conductivity sensors.


CMS has adapted established Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy science to identify the various fouling states affecting membrane performance and salt rejection.

Real-time monitoring of the concentration polarisation layer identifies the early onset of fouling, with a distinctive EIS signature for inorganic, organic and biological fouling, and the accumulation of mineral scale, enabling timely adoption of maintenance or operational changes.

EIS analysis provides a greater understanding of chemical treatments, leading to more effective chemical dosing and reduced maintenance chemicals.


Monitoring feed and permeate conductivity within membrane element’s flow channels provides a more meaningful assessment of salt rejection and earlier indications of fouling or scaling creep resulting from over-driving the plant.