Board and Senior Management

Peter J Martin – Non-Executive Chairman

After a lifetime working in international investment banking, including sixteen years with Morgan Grenfell of London and a similar time with CW Downer of Boston, Peter is now a private investor focusing on the development and commercialisation of innovative ideas.

Andrew I Sinclair – Managing Director

Andrew has over twenty-five years business experience in both investment banking and industry. In addition to his responsibilities at CMS, Andrew is a Founder and the Commercial Lead at Giant Capital Management, an oil and gas investment and advisory boutique.

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Andrew was previously with Macquarie Bank for sixteen years, where he held senior positions in Sydney, Houston and London. He has extensive experience in operations, finance, strategy and governance.

Andrew is also a Fellow of St Paul’s College, within the University of Sydney. Andrew has a BE (Honours) degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sydney.

Prof Hans G L Coster BSc, MSC PhD, FTSE – Technical Director

Professor Coster is a Physicist who obtained his PhD from the University of Sydney. He became Professor of Physics at the University of New South Wales and later founded the Department of Biophysics there.

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He pioneered research in Australia on biomolecular lipid membranes. He developed a method for manipulating cells using radio frequency electric fields and published the first direct demonstration of electrical breakdown (electroporation) in cell membranes that is now commonly used for gene insertion and in animal cloning.

He also pioneered the method of impedance spectroscopy for research on self-assembled molecular films, polymer films, bio-membranes and synthetic separation membranes and developed a new technology that allows unprecedented precision in measuring the phase and magnitude of impedance. This allows precise determination of the dielectric substructure of materials and thin films at the sub-nanometre level. This area of research remains one of his main interests.

He founded the Centre for Membrane Science and Technology at the University of New South Wales and this Centre became an ARC Centre of Excellence in 1989 and was designated as a UNESCO Centre in 1996. He was a Co-Director of this Centre until 2004 when he moved to the University of Sydney to take up an appointment in the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

He has several active research programs in membrane technology, including programs on developing new piezo-electric membranes and an on-line membrane surveillance. He has published widely on membrane science and technology. He holds several membrane technology, bio-engineering and biotechnology patents. He is involved in major collaborative projects with the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre.

Hans is also the Director of the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Foundation at the University of Sydney. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Technological Science and Engineering and a former President of the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering (2002 -2004). He was awarded the UNESCO medal for outstanding contributions to science in 1998 and the inaugural Sir Rutherford Robertson Medal for Biophysics in 2002.

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Peter Macintosh – Advisor to the Board

Peter has almost 40 years’ experience in the industrial applications of membrane technology in the development and implementation of innovative technology covering the mineral processing, waste water, water, food and industrial markets.

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He is a Chemical Engineer with broad chemical manufacturing experience having spent time with Dow Chemical and several start-ups in the industrial membrane application markets including Osmotron Ltd and Occtech Ltd. As CEO of Uniscan Ltd, a University of Western Australia company, Peter has direct experience in the commercialisation of intellectual property. Through work for Hatch, a Canadian company, he has global consulting experience in water and water treatment markets.

Peter is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and currently sits of the board of the Membrane Society of Australasia and is an advisor to the Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation. He is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Engineers and a fellow of the Australian Institute of Mining and Metals.

Advisory Council

Prof Anthony (Tony) G Fane

Tony is a Chemical Engineer with a PhD from Imperial College. He has been working on membranes since 1973 and is a world expert on membrane science and technology.

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His current interests are in membranes applied to environmental applications and the water cycle, focusing on the sustainability aspects of membrane technology, including desalination, reclamation, membrane bioreactors and reuse.

Tony is the Founding Director of the Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC) at the Nanyang Technological University and is now a Visiting Professor at the SMTC. Tony is a former Head of the School of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry at the University of NSW and a former Director of the UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology at UNSW. Tony is on the Advisory Board of the Journal of Membrane Science (a former editor, 1992 to 2005) and the Editorial Board of Desalination, an honorary life member of the European Membrane Society and Patron of the Membrane Society of Australia. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering and a recipient of the Centenary Medal in 2002 for services to Chemical Engineering and the Environment. In 2013 he received the International Water Association’s Membrane Technology Award for ‘pioneering contributions in membrane technology’.

Prof Roger Ben Aim

Roger has conducted research in the areas of fluid flow through porous media; filtration and liquid solid separation; and membrane separation for water and wastewater treatment for over 40 years. His present field of research is focussed on membrane characterization and development of fouling sensors and on the application of membrane bioreactors and chemically assisted membrane processes to waste water treatment and pre-treatment of seawater before RO desalination.

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Roger is a Chemical Engineer graduating with Ingénieur des Industries Chimiques (M.Sc. Chem. Eng.), ENSIC, from University of Nancy, France in 1961 and Dr. Sc., ENSIC University of Nancy, France, in 1970. He has held the position of Professor at several French Universities including the University of Science and Techniques, Montpellier; the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse; the University of Technology of Compiegne; and INSA Toulouse. Roger was founder of the Institute for Filtration and Separation Techniques (IFTS) and currently holds the position of Scientific Advisor to the IFTS. Roger is a Distinguished Fellow and Member of the Strategic Council of the International Water Association (IWA).